WW domain-containing oxidoreductase: a candidate tumor suppressor

Nan-Shan Chang, Li-Jin Hsu, Yee-Shin Lin, Feng Jie Lai, Hamm Ming Sheu

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Common fragile site gene WWOX encodes a candidate tumor suppressor WW domain-containing oxidoreductase. Alteration of this gene, along with dramatic downregulation of WWOX protein, is shown in the majority of invasive cancer cells. Ectopic WWOX exhibits proapoptotic and tumor inhibitory functions in vitro and in vivo, probably interacting with growth regulatory proteins p53, p73 and others. Hyaluronidases regulate WWOX expression, increase cancer invasiveness and seem to be involved in the development of hormone-independent growth of invasive cancer cells. Estrogen and androgen stimulate phosphorylation and nuclear translocation of WWOX, although binding of WWOX to these sex hormones is unknown. We propose that suppression of WWOX expression by overexpressed hyaluronidases might contribute in part to the development of hormone independence in invasive cancer.

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期刊Trends in Molecular Medicine
出版狀態Published - 2007 一月 1

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