YARG: A repository for arsenic-related genes in yeast

Jagat Rathod, Hao Ping Tu, Yung I. Chang, Yu Han Chu, Yan Yuan Tseng, Jiin Shuh Jean, Wei Sheng Wu

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Arsenic is a toxic metalloid. Moderate levels of arsenic exposure from drinking water can cause various human health problems such as skin lesions, circulatory disorders and cancers. Thus, arsenic toxicity is a key focus area for environmental and toxicological investigations. Many arsenic-related genes in yeast have been identified by experimental strategies such as phenotypic screening and transcriptional profiling. These identified arsenic-related genes are valuable information for studying arsenic toxicity. However, the literature about these identified arsenic-related genes is widely dispersed and cannot be easily acquired by researchers. This prompts us to develop YARG (Yeast Arsenic-Related Genes) database, which comprehensively collects 3396 arsenic-related genes in the literature. For each arsenic-related gene, the number and types of experimental evidence (phenotypic screening and/or transcriptional profiling) are provided. Users can use both search and browse modes to query arsenic-related genes in YARG. We used two case studies to show that YARG can return biologically meaningful arsenic-related information for the query gene(s). We believe that YARG is a useful resource for arsenic toxicity research. YARG is available at http://cosbi4.ee.ncku.edu.tw/YARG/.

期刊PloS one
出版狀態Published - 2018 七月

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