YQFC: A web tool to compare quantitative biological features between two yeast gene lists

Wei Sheng Wu, Lai Ji Wang, Han Chen Yen, Yan Yuan Tseng

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Nowadays high-throughput omics technologies are routinely used in biological research. From the omics data, researchers can easily get two gene lists (e.g. stress-induced genes vs. stress-repressed genes) related to their biological question. The next step would be to apply enrichment analysis tools to identify distinct functional/regulatory features between these two gene lists for further investigation. Although various enrichment analysis tools are already available, two challenges remain to be addressed. First, most existing tools are designed to analyze only one gene list, so they cannot directly compare two gene lists. Second, almost all existing tools focus on identifying the enriched qualitative features (e.g. gene ontology [GO] terms, pathways, domains, etc.). Many quantitative features (e.g. number of mRNA isoforms of a gene, mRNA half-life, protein half-life, transcriptional plasticity, translational efficiency, etc.) are available in the yeast, but no existing tools provide analyses on these quantitative features. To address these two challenges, here we present Yeast Quantitative Features Comparator (YQFC) that can directly compare various quantitative features between two yeast gene lists. In YQFC, we comprehensively collected and processed 85 quantitative features from the yeast literature and yeast databases. For each quantitative feature, YQFC provides three statistical tests (t-test, U test and KS test) to test whether this quantitative feature is statistically different between the two input yeast gene lists. The distinct quantitative features identified by YQFC may help researchers to study the underlying molecular mechanisms that differentiate the two input yeast gene lists. We believe that YQFC is a useful tool to expedite the biological research that uses high-throughput omics technologies. Database URL: http://cosbi2.ee.ncku.edu.tw/YQFC/

出版狀態Published - 2020

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