Zero-field spin splitting in modulation-doped Alx Ga1-x NGaN two-dimensional electron systems

K. S. Cho, Tsai Yu Huang, Hong Syuan Wang, Ming Gu Lin, Tse Ming Chen, C. T. Liang, Y. F. Chen, Ikai Lo

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Low-temperature magnetotransport measurements were performed on Alx Ga1-x NGaN two-dimensional electron systems. By studying the beating pattern in the Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in a perpendicular magnetic field, we are able to measure the zero-field spin-splitting energies in our systems. Our experimental results demonstrate that the Rashba term due to structural inversion asymmetry is the dominant mechanism which gives rise to the measured zero-field spin splitting in our wurzite AlGaNGaN structures. By utilizing the persistent photoconductivity (PPC) effect, we are able to increase the carrier density n in our AlGaNGaN two-dimensional electron system. It is found that the Rashba spin-orbit splitting parameter α decreases with increasing n. We suggest that the formation of long-lived electron-hole pairs induced by the PPC effect decreases the large electric field near the AlGaNGaN interface, causing α to decrease with increasing n.

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期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 2005

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