Zingerone Modulates Neuronal Voltage-Gated Na+ and L-Type Ca2+ Currents

Ming Chi Lai, Sheng Nan Wu, Chin Wei Huang

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Zingerone (ZO), a nontoxic methoxyphenol, has been demonstrated to exert various important biological effects. However, its action on varying types of ionic currents and how they con-cert in neuronal cells remain incompletely understood. With the aid of patch clamp technology, we investigated the effects of ZO on the amplitude, gating, and hysteresis of plasmalemmal ionic currents from both pituitary tumor (GH3) cells and hippocampal (mHippoE-14) neurons. The exposure of the GH3 cells to ZO differentially diminished the peak and late components of the INa. Using a double ramp pulse, the amplitude of the INa(P) was measured, and the appearance of a hysteresis loop was observed. Moreover, ZO reversed the tefluthrin-mediated augmentation of the hysteretic strength of the INa(P) and led to a reduction in the ICa,L. As a double ramp pulse was applied, two types of voltage-dependent hysteresis loops were identified in the ICa,L, and the replacement with BaCl2-attenuated hysteresis of the ICa,L enhanced the ICa,L amplitude along with the current amplitude (i.e., the IBa). The hysteretic magnitude of the ICa,L activated by the double pulse was attenuated by ZO. The peak and late INa in the hippocampal mHippoE-14 neurons was also differentially inhib-ited by ZO. In addition to acting on the production of reactive oxygen species, ZO produced effects on multiple ionic currents demonstrated herein that, considered together, may significantly impact the functional activities of neuronal cells.

期刊International journal of molecular sciences
出版狀態Published - 2022 3月 1

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