ZnO-based ultraviolet photodetectors with novel nanosheet structures

Sheng Joue Young, Yi Hsing Liu, Chih Hung Hsiao, Shoou Jinn Chang, Bo Chin Wang, Tsung Hsien Kao, Kai Shiang Tsai, San Lein Wu

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This study presents the fabrication of ZnO nanosheets on a glass substrate using a room-temperature (approximately 25 °C) solution method. The average length and diameter of the ZnO nanosheets were 1.2 μm and approximately 5 nm, respectively. The ultraviolet (UV)-to-visible rejection ratio of the sample is approximately 42 when biased at 1 V, and the fabricated UV photodetector is visible-blind with a sharp cutoff at 370 nm. The transient time constants measured during the rise time and fall time were τ r = 5.37 s and 6.02 s, respectively. The low-frequency noise spectra obtained from the UV photodetector were caused purely by the 1/ f noise. The noise-equivalent power and normalized detectivity (D*) of the ZnO nanosheet photodetector were 6.12 × 10 -9W and 2.17 × 10 9 cm·Hz0.5 W -1, respectively.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology
出版狀態Published - 2014 三月

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