A Designable Face to Face Interaction Gaming Platform for Social Network by NFC

論文翻譯標題: 結合社群網路與NFC技術設計實體互動遊戲平台
  • 許 仲傑

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Face to Face (F2F) interaction is traditionally the form to meet friends and strangers Since the development of cyber interaction (CI) it has taken over F2F interaction in the 21st century This transition has impacted on our way of modern human interaction Every year people spend more time on their mobile phones mainly because of the development in Apps The increase in time for mobile usage means that it substituted for something in our daily life The biggest source of this increase comes from the vast majority of messaging and social based Apps These social media Apps are the substitute for human basic social needs by converting physical conversations into cyber form This implies that socializing transformed from a Face-to-Face (F2F) setting into Cyber Interaction (CI) This study argues that the improvement of technology is reducing basic human to human interaction in daily life Socializing with friends and family by F2F interactions are also becoming scares When attending any social events the social level is shrinking from the result of people using mobile phones To bring back the social level this study proposes gaming because gaming generates a great significant level of social strength since people compete collaborate and communicate with each other The problem with being connected online is that it creates CI and reduces F2F interaction To solve this problem an offline F2F interaction gaming platform is proposed by this study to enhance F2F interaction using gaming as a method
獎項日期2016 12月 15
監督員Wei-Hsun Lee (Supervisor)