A Hardware Implementation of an Active Noise Cancellation System

論文翻譯標題: 一個以硬體實現的主動式抗噪系統
  • 胡 家瑋

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Active noise cancellation technique cancels out noise by producing an inverse signal wave with same amplitude to the noise source This thesis presents a hardware implementation of an active noise cancellation system The development starts from adopting Arduino Uno microcontroller board to verify the overall system architecture and its corresponding functionalities and then replacing specific functions by integrated circuits (ICs) for achieving faster processing speed and avoiding the delay issue which will make noise cancellation fail The target of this proof-of-concept system is to handle the frequency range about 250Hz to 1-kHz that is the frequency range corresponding to noise around road traffic In the actual application within 300Hz to 1-kHz PCB-I and PCB-II both can achieve an average performance of 8dB reduction respectively
監督員Soon-Jyh Chang (Supervisor)