A methodology for stage lighting control based on music emotion feeling

論文翻譯標題: 基於音樂氛圍的舞台燈光自動化調控模式
  • 陳 仕凱

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Traditionally the stage-lighting regulation requires professionally trained technicians to operate However the contemporary requirements of higher-quality performance making this work needs more preparation before the performance Technicians or club DJ spends two to three more times before the show to make the lighting control sequence MIDI file to match the music It is really waste of time Thus A methodology for automatic stage-lighting regulation would be helped Music emotion recognition (MER) got much development these years so as neural network algorithms Music feeling has been able to be recognized and even been quantifiable by a supervised machine learning approach In this paper A variety of music signal features from 2087 song clips were captured and been selected the main features which are related to music emotion reflected to Thayer's emotion plane in order to produce a linear quantitative value describing music emotion After that the music emotion and color preferences of stage-lighting were studied Using the experimental results trained a support vector regression (SVR) to construct simulations To be more realistic we developed an automatic music segment detected methodology based on music signal intensity to present different music strength and feeling of each segment Furthermore The factor of music genre has been studied comprehensively develops an automatic stage-lighting based on feeling genre and intensity of each segment of music
獎項日期2015 2月 10
監督員Shih-Wen Hsiao (Supervisor)