A Study Between Workplace Incivility Emotional Labor Job Stress and Work Engagement

  • 賴 聖安

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Workplace incivility is a common occurrence throughout any working environment especially in the service industry where people to people interaction are high This study is intended to analyze the relationships that are significant between workplace incivility work engagement and the mediating impacts of emotional labor and job stress It is expected that this study will discover a negative significant relationship between workplace incivility and work engagement Several other constructs are studied to see how workers can minimize the damaging effects of incivility through emotional labor and the degree to which workplace incivility can affect work engagement Participants were front line employees with job titles ranging from employee supervisor and assistant manager This study sampled various five star hotels all over Taiwan This includes in the four major cities of Taipei Taichung Tainan and Kaohsiung The results have shown that exposure to incivility have significant impacts on the work environment Further elaborating workplace incivility has direct positive relationship with job stress Finally workplace incivility is found to have a positive relationship with emotional labor
獎項日期2017 2月 9
監督員Hsi-An Shih (Supervisor)