A Study of Exterior Visual Features and Interior Device Placements of the Vehicle

論文翻譯標題: 汽?外觀視覺特徵與?內裝置?放位置之研究
  • 朱 瓊珮

學生論文: Doctoral Thesis


As human values and cultures have evolved each era has created its own unique representative vehicle body styles that embody certain imagery trends and the mainstream values of the time In this study vehicle appearance and shape as well as in-car Global Positioning System (GPS) operation position are selected as the topics for investigation In the first section a vehicle’s front view is used as the main target for analysis in order to investigate the main regions that draw consumer attention to the vehicle’s front after removing the manufacturer’s logo In addition the Kansei engineering analysis approach is used to summarize the imagery of the vehicle’s appearance and shape into an important perceptual vocabulary to be used as important criteria for analysis Therefore in this study desktop eye-tracking technology is employed to track the elements and regions in vehicle appearance and shape that draw consumer attention and the Kansei engineering approach is used to summarize the visual imagery and perceptual vocabulary of such consumers After statistical analysis the corresponding regression equation and major regions that draw consumer attention are established In-car GPS systems are investigated in the second section With the ability to considerably assist drivers by providing real-time location direction and road guidance information GPS devices have become one of the most popular electronic devices for vehicles Concurrent use of GPS systems while driving can be a potential distraction problem In order to investigate the relationship between distracted driving and GPS operation this study uses a mobile eye-tracking device to record actual distracted driving status and the position of the eye gaze point; multiple possible positions for placing GPS systems and navigation operations are integrated to explore the significant differences in GPS operation time and distracted time attributed to different GPS positions The study results reveal that different GPS positions can considerably affect operation time and distracted driving status which in turn influences driving safety The study results from the discussion on the external style and internal device of the vehicle in the aforementioned sections provide reference information required by vehicle stylists for vehicle designs and suggestions for suitable positions for in-car GPS systems or other portable electronic devices to effectively reduce distraction and enhance driving safety
獎項日期2015 八月 6
監督員Min-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)