A Study of the Role of Citizen Participation in Examination System in Urban Renewal in Taiwan-the Case Study of Taipei City

論文翻譯標題: 我國都市更新審議制度中民眾參與角色之研究─以台北市為例
  • 曹 芳慈

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Urban regeneration is the most frequently applied method in developed countries to revitalise urban area nowadays and citizens who live in the urban areas are the participants of urban renewal project There is a great deal of general literature on the strategies and the approaches to redevelop the recession urban areas in Taiwan Nonetheless there is little specific guidance on the role of citizen participation in the process of urban regeneration and the current approaches for the public to engage in urban renewal This study aims to present the current scenery of citizen engagement in Taiwan and how it affects the process of urban regeneration The research focuses on the hearing session in urban renewal in Taipei which was entitled with statutory by J Y Interpretation and Urban Renewal Examination Meetings held by Urban Regeneration Office The records of hearing are summarised and categorised in order to ascertain the actual performance of the only compulsory approach to citizen participation in urban renewal in Taiwan The findings suggest that the hearing sessions deal with the opinions about business plan including site plan building design rights transformation and financial plan Besides it is used by stakeholders to request to accelerate the progress of renewal project or claim the power whether to engage in the project in order to ask the more availability of time or actual benefits On the other hand even though there is no specific pattern of citizen participation in urban regeneration in the UK the English counterpart performs fluently compared to Taiwanese one These findings have implications for the citizens who are going to involved in urban renewal expressing their opinions in a stronger strategy and the policy-makers clarifying the actual situation of citizen participation in urban renewal in Taiwan
獎項日期2016 9月 1
監督員Tzu-Yuan Chao (Supervisor)