A Study on Open Business Model focusing on Value Co-Creation Platform:The Case of Community-Based Long-Term Home Primary Care in Chiayi City Taiwan

論文翻譯標題: 開放式商業模型分析以價值共創平台為中心:以台灣嘉義市社區居家長期基礎照護為例
  • 連 珠妙

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The definitions and components of business model from existing business model literature are still underdeveloped Some definitions of business model show a bias towards a close business model focus which centers on one-way value creation from producer to customer Some definitions of business model show an evolution towards an open business model focus which emphasizes value co-creation platform and centers on value co-creation relationship among focal firm and stakeholders However open business model research is still in infancy To make distinctive contribution to the development of business model literature this research combines service-dominant logic and business model theory to propose an open business model framework with four components: value proposition key resources key interdependent activities and value capturing This research employs single cased-based qualitative research method and adopts our proposed open business model framework to study value co-creation process among actors in Chiayi City Integrated Home Primary Care System and to study open business model of this integrated system The findings of this research are as follows: Co-decision making is a very important activity in an open business model Social welfare enterprises or systems do not view value capturing as monetary profitability Value co-creation platforms orchestrate and facilitate value co-creation process among actors within and across focal firm boundary in an open business model
獎項日期2016 九月 6
監督員Hsin-Hui Chou (Supervisor)