A Study on the Effect of Price Presentation on Consumer’s Online Purchasing Choice

  • 露 西雅

學生論文: Master's Thesis


One of the key points of marketing and of business is consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) Maximizing consumers’ willingness to pay translates into revenue creation Price plays an important role in consumer decision and their willingness to pay Previous literature suggests that the way prices are presented influence consumers’ choices This research utilizes Prospect Theory as a backbone to analyze the effect that price presentation order has on consumer’s choices This research contributes to literature in different aspects Firstly it analysis price presentation order effect in online markets as previous research has been focused on brick-and-mortar contexts Secondly it analyzes the moderating role that color plays to price presentation order as color has been proved to play a role in consumer’s choice Thirdly it analyzes the moderating role that mood posits to price presentation order as previous evidence shows that mood affects consumer’s choice The results provide an insight into the importance of careful pricing in the web design and guidance for marketers and researches into further understanding of the vital role of pricing
獎項日期2015 1月 30
監督員Tien Wang (Supervisor)