論文翻譯標題: 配置計劃之系統方法
  • 李 祖翊

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Sustainability has been a crucial concern in urbanization The purpose of the thesis research is to develop a planning methodology which is a good and right way of transforming a development program into a sustainable siteplan It is a user-friendly methodology that is efficient almost transparent and systematically operable The major contribution of the research is to setup connections between established methodologies of different scales to handle the processes between development intention and siteplan Environmental sensitivity is emphasized through Sieve Mapping methodology in deciding appropriateness of the land use Type-based Design and Open Building are implemented in medium scale siteplan making to control good physical form of the environment as well as to enable calculation of the photovoltaic envelope to generate solar renewable energy Nevertheless quantitative techniques are presented to handle the complexity in making planning decisions The methodology is made up of seven modules and they are divided into three parts The earlier parts are more rigid and mathematically oriented; and it becomes more flexible and creativity oriented in the later parts Part 1 Site Selection is made up of “Program Analysis” “Site Availability Evaluation” and “Site Suitability Evaluation”; Part 2 Site Reading is made up of “Development Phasing” and “Intensity Division”; while Part 3 Design and Planning is made up of “Massing and Grid Development” and “Siteplan Making” They are presented in the form of flow charts with the basic operational units of input process and output Demonstrations were performed on Qiao-tou Kaohsiung with a supposition development program Instead of solving any particular site issue the purpose of this demonstration is to test the workability of procedures and processes in the designed methodology A good planning methodology casts more possibilities to make a better siteplan but the capability of planners to manipulate design planning knowledge and experiences when utilizing the methodology plays a significant role particularly in the later part to decide the quality of the siteplan created
獎項日期2014 1月 29
監督員Shiann-Far Kung (Supervisor)