Academic Directors on Audit Committees and Auditor Selection

論文翻譯標題: 審計委員會學者董事與會計師選擇
  • 陳 嬿婷

學生論文: Master's Thesis


A series of accounting frauds induced by the improper auditors enforce the SEC to mandate effective audit committees in publicly listed firms pay more effort to hire the higher quality of auditors to ensure the financial reporting quality Many previous studies have documented that the composition of audit committees may impact their effectiveness on auditor selections College professors with integrity and education levels are expected to be capable of serving as audit committee members In this research we examine whether academic directors on audit committees are more likely to hire the Big 4 audit firms in order to enhance the financial reporting quality Moreover whether academic directors with accounting and finance education specializations may affect the selection of auditors is my another research purpose Then we also explore whether academic directors with executive position in audit committees tend to select the Big 4 auditors The empirical results show that due to knowing the importance of financial reporting quality accounting and finance professors on audit committee tend to choose Big 4 audit firms since their professional knowledge brings extra concern on financial reporting quality In addition professors with executive positions are positively related to the selection of Big 4 audit firms
獎項日期2015 6月 3
監督員Hua-Wei Huang (Supervisor)