Analysis of Particle Flux and Calculations of Radiation Dose during Solar Proton Events in 2012 from ARTEMIS Observations

論文翻譯標題: 以ARTEMIS衛星觀測進行2012年太陽質子事件之粒子通量分析與輻射劑量計算
  • 林 冠傑

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The year 2012 has been a year which is active in solar-activity due to the approaching of the solar maximum year The solar proton event (SPE) occurred on March 7^th 2012 is the strongest SPE for the past twelve years Although solar proton events are usually referred to a substantial increase of protons flux measured by Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) at an energy level larger than 10 MeV the observations from the Acceleration Reconnection Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon's Interaction with the Sun (ARTEMIS) mission show that the differential energy fluxes increase at all energy channels of Electrostatic Analyzers (ESA) and Solid State Telescopes (SST) which cover a wide range below MeV This probably means that the solar proton events can affect to the Earth's deep magnetotail and produce the secondary particles as the primary particles passing through the spacecraft The pitch-angle distributions associated with the increase of differential energy fluxes are also explored to learn their coming directions Furthermore the risks of radiation doses that astronauts and satellites would take from particles are calculated from the measured flux during the solar proton events
獎項日期2016 8月 1
監督員Sunny Wing-Yee Tam (Supervisor)