Analysis of the Multi-Vt FD-SOI MOSFETs and SRAM Application

論文翻譯標題: 完全空乏型絕緣層上矽金氧半場效電晶體的多重臨界電壓設計與靜態隨機存取記憶體應用
  • 陳 政邑

學生論文: Master's Thesis


As CMOS technology industry continues to scale especially at sub 22 nm node many physical limitations mostly related to short channel effect (SCE) such as drain-induced barrier lowering and hot carrier effect have surfaced The mainstream solution is to use 3D structure devices e g FinFET and Gate-All-Around (GAA) FET to increase the gate controllability However we can still use FD-SOI of the 2D planar structure to eliminate SCE because of its excellent electrostatic control of channel with no channel doping required Compared to FinFET a simpler process is used in FD-SOI and we can control its threshold voltage by modifying back bias or changing substrate doping This thesis demonstrates a body-biasing 6T-SRAM design technique using 5nm-node mutil-Vt FD-SOI devices which offers three operation modes: high-performance mode standard mode and low-voltage mode without complicated process technology requirements The read SNM and write current are demonstrated using Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD mixed-mode simulation We also make use of the technique to optimize Vmin of the 6T-SRAM based on 5nm-node multi-Vt FD-SOI devices By properly selecting the back bias the lowest Vmin is achieved for each of the three operation modes: high-performance standard and low-voltage modes The proposed technique offers a design flexibility for optimizing the SRAM performance and yield by adjusting the back bias without complicated process technology requirements
獎項日期2018 一月 16
監督員Meng-Hsueh Chiang (Supervisor)