Applying BIM to Construction Material Management-A Case Study on Material Delivery & Lead Time Analysis

論文翻譯標題: 應用BIM 於營建物?管?之材?運送及交貨提前時間分析
  • 賈 司帝

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Good management in materials delivery can improve the project delivery it can avoid uncertainties and it can reduce project cost However if we don’t have the necessary information it would be difficult to enhance the material delivery and to the materials management in general Information such as the suppliers’ production time or the material delivery time are some examples of the data that many constructions companies do not manage and do not think to develop; this is why this research aims to enhances the constraints in materials delivery Others researchers have focused only on the lead time improvement of the precast production They have developed several considerations in order to calculate the lead time in precast production and they have created work packages that enhance the activities during the construction This research got the ideas of the previous works and their accomplished The approach of this research is to develop a work package that enhances the suppliers’ production time by gathering the necessary information for the development of the product and by knowing the lead time of our suppliers This research implements the benefits of the Building Information Model (BIM) to enhance the information needed in the work package and calculates the lead time of the different materials Applying the Building Information Model (BIM) helps the manager to calculate and introduce the lead time inside the schedule of the BIM model Also we can benefit from the linear schedule and precedence diagram that BIM offers us and we can improve the information that we need to develop the work packages and accomplish the proposed project model This research developed a case study that demonstrates the benefit to implement the different methods in the framework to reduce time and cost in the construction project
獎項日期2014 七月 24
監督員Chung-Wei Feng (Supervisor)