Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for cracked plates using displacement field

論文翻譯標題: 使用位移場計算含裂縫平版之應力強度因子
  • 黃 政鈞

學生論文: Master's Thesis


This thesis researched the three dimensional (3D) effect of crack problems in a finite plate by using finite element and experimental methods and the study also observed the Poisson’s ratio effect for the 3D crack problems The material of specimens is steel and there are two homogeneous specimens for the 9-mm thickness plates with a central horizontal crack and a central slant crack respectively For the experiment the aim is to obtain the displacement field from the experiment which the specimen is subjected by the tension forces For the finite element method (FEM) the aim is to simulate the displacement field and the stress intensity factors (SIFs) with different Poisson’s ratio and the results of the displacement are used to compare with the experimental results The comparisons indicated that displacement contours graphics are similar between the finite element and experimental simulations and the displacement contour has a great variation and tightly packed in the vicinity of the crack tip Moreover the finite element analyses also show the results of SIFs under different load types which are Mode-I Mode-II and Mode-III For the investigation of the SIFs if the Poisson’s ratio increases the variations of the SIFs are more obvious changing with the maximum radius (Rmax) When the Rmax increases the SIFs of all layers approach gradually to the SIFs of the middle layer Thus the results proved that the Poisson’s ratio effect affects the SIFs visibly and the crack problem has the obvious 3D effect
獎項日期2014 8月 7
監督員Shen-Haw Ju (Supervisor)