Case study of the promotion approach of Taiwanese family farming economy: Implication from the cultural values perception of family farmers

論文翻譯標題: 台灣小農經濟推廣途徑之個案探討:小農個人文化價值認知觀點之意涵
  • 蘇 亦亭

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Under the challenges of globalization and environmental deterioration nowadays agriculture becomes fundamental to maintain a healthy economy and satisfy people’s basic needs for stability The industry is facing a crucial moment for correct decision making and transformation Agriculture gradually changed from business-oriented industrial farming to multifunction-oriented family farming; from capital-oriented old economy to knowledge-oriented new economy The key in this transformation are family farmers who engaged in farming On one hand because of the unique geographical setting of Taiwan and rich cultural background small-scale and family-based farming style became the standard thus can providing researchers a relevant field and demonstration of family farming to study On the other hand little research has been done on understanding these family farmer’s cultural values what they believe and how they change and influence society Therefore this study aims to investigate these “new family farmers” cultural values perception and explore opportunities and directions for sustainable agricultural development This study will do so by: (1) mapping Taiwanese family farmers’ cultural values by David Throsby’s cultural values dimensions; (2) investigating how these cultural values connect to the community with the “circuit of culture” model; (3) developing cultural values-based development guidelines for small farming development Data will be collected from both primary sources (in-depth interviews with Taiwanese family farmers) and secondary sources (articles speeches newspapers magazines) The analysis shows that farming is different from other industries through the contact with nature and society it can actuate the family farmers to have further self-exploration and look for their personal value On the other hand they also carried out their personal influence conveying their knowledge and perceptions of cultural value to the society through social connection Also based on the feedback of the community it can strengthen their identity of cultural value In the interaction between their identity of cultural value and behavior it can reach the sustainable agricultural development and bring economic benefits including the internal (benefits of commodity) and external (benefits of non-commodity) economy Finally the results indicate that in this society with rapidly progressive technology only through empowering people’s notion and self-reflection can we find a balance of sustainable agricultural development with the technology
獎項日期2016 四月 8
監督員Hsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)