Channel Sounding Based on Software Defined Radios: Design and Implementation

論文翻譯標題: 基於軟體定義無線電之通道量測:設計與實現
  • 黃 程懋

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In wireless communications multi-path fading significantly affects signal transceiving Channel sounding is the de facto technique to characterize radio propagation effects due to multi-path fading In this thesis a channel sounding platform based on software-defined radios (SDR) is developed SDR-based implementation allows rapid prototyping and provides great freedom to the system designer To resolve multi-path components the developed SDR-based channel sounding platform takes advantage of the fine temporal resolution of spread spectrum signals where a pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence with good correlation properties is used to modulate a baseband signal By decorrelating the received signal the receiver is able to identify multi-path components and analyze signal distortions due to multi-path fading In validating the developed channel sounding platform results obtained from simulations and measurement campaigns at some selected sites are used to obtain the power delay profile (PDP) Besides the obtained PDP is employed to mitigate multi-path fading and the resultant bit error rate (BER) performance is compared with that using the linear least square error (LLSE) equalizer
獎項日期2015 八月 26
監督員Kuang-Hao Liu (Supervisor)