Co-channel Interference Analysis for 4G Wireless Communication Systems

論文翻譯標題: 4G通訊系統同頻干擾分析
  • 林 郡庭

學生論文: Doctoral Thesis


This study analyzes the impacts of co-channel interference (CCI) on 4G wireless communication systems Both downlink and uplink CCI analysis models are developed to estimate the influences of CCI on system performance To improve the throughput performance of cell-edge users the fractional frequency reuse (FFR) technique has been commonly used in the deployment of wireless broadband networks for balancing cell capacity and user fairness In the downlink simulation analysis two FFR schemes are proposed to improve the performance on user and system throughput Mobile users are randomly distributed to cell coverage and the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINRs) of mobile users are calculated Average throughput is adopted to evaluate the performance of FFR schemes The results indicate that the proposed methods can enhance edge user throughput In the uplink analysis a model is developed for estimating the impacts of CCI on cell coverage The method is based on the SINR requirement that each mobile user transmit enough power to satisfy a minimum SINR The simulation results indicate that CCI can cause significant reduction in cell coverage especially when the users employ more subchannels for high-speed data transmission services The shadow fading propagation model and user random locations are taken into consideration for both uplink and downlink analysis models The developed model can be used to analyze CCI in Long Term Evolution and IEEE 802 16m networks
獎項日期2014 九月 5
監督員Wen-Tzu Chen (Supervisor)