Cognitive Styles Team Cohesion and Team Creativity: Moderating by Transformational Leadership and Innovative Climate

論文翻譯標題: 團隊認知風格、團隊凝聚力與團隊創意之研究: 以轉換型領導與團隊創新氣候為調節變數
  • 林 君英

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In this ever-changing environment innovation is regarded as a core competence to cope with the competitive challenges Besides relying on the existing technologies and skills it is also essential for organizations to not only exploit their talents but also to build a great team so as to ensure that the innovative ideas can be successfully practiced Based on the previous research cognitive styles associated with both idea generation and idea implementation have effect on creativity It shows that a person’s thought process and his/her background knowledge are both vital to creativity performance However different people with relevant task in a team might not result in only synergy but also conflicts The configuration of individuals’ attributes in a team is considered to influence on team processes and performance Furthermore the surrounding context which might encompass the effect of organizational variables and team characteristics is important issue as well As a result this study introduces the importance of team cohesion as a mediator between cognitive styles and creativity at a team level Additionally this study also takes transformational leadership and innovative climate as moderators into consideration The research is conducted by handing out questionnaires to several companies in Taiwan Data from a total of 77 groups which consist of 314 respondents indicated that team cohesion mediates the relationship between cognitive styles and team creativity whereas the mediation does not implement between conformist cognitive styles and team creativity However the moderating effect is not significant on whole model These findings not only provided more insights on how creativity can be effected on different cognitive styles but also provided benefits to the academic field Through understanding the relationship between these factors organizations could benefit by understanding the importance of creativity for sustaining competitive advantage In addition we also called for organizations and future researchers to address the issue of appropriate context for employees to exploit their talents
獎項日期2018 1月 2
監督員Hsi-An Shih (Supervisor)