Computer Vision in Runway Detection for UAV Approach and Landing

論文翻譯標題: 機器視覺於跑道辨識以引導無人機近場與降落
  • 周 威宇

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Current autoland system in civil aviation is complicated which needs onboard navigation and autopilot instruments as well as ground-based navigation equipment such as localizer (LOC) and glide slope (GS) The purpose of this thesis is to build a runway detecting method which is adequate to different landing environment for UAVs The approach of guiding UAVs to landing area and then detecting runway will be mentioned in this thesis This thesis begins with color feature because the color and shape feature of a runway are usually different from the background In addition objects of different colors and materials will have different characteristic under different light sources Also the Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) color space will give more precise result than Red Green and Blue (RGB) color space when in under shaded condition Therefore the HSV is used as the first step for separating runway and background On the other hand using Line Segment Detector (LSD) for runway edge detection has better detecting result and has better computational efficiency than using Canny edge detector
獎項日期2015 八月 12
監督員Chin-E. Lin (Supervisor)