Design and Implementation of an NFC-based Touch and Control Platform

論文翻譯標題: 近場通訊接觸及遙控平台設計及實作
  • 陳 威呈

學生論文: Master's Thesis


More and more electronic devices support remote control function The communication media of remote control has evolved from the traditional infra-red to new wireless communication media such as Wi-Fi Bluetooth Zigbee On the other hand smartphone has integrated almost all these kinds of communication technologies and has some features such as powerful computing power friendly user interface and mobile applications market Those features make smartphone be possible to replace the traditional remote controllers to be a universal remote controller However the varieties of the heterogeneous devices with different methods for remote control different brand and different type the control modes of them make universal control on smartphone difficult Many researches use an inter-device to be a signal transmitter to simplify the complexity Nevertheless those kinds of Apps are lack of countermeasures for new products management and control This thesis is to propose an NFC touch and control platform (NTCP) for the smartphone to universally control heterogeneous devices It utilizes the features of the NFC-enabled smartphones which have the capability of reading tag or smart card via near-field communication The smartphone could connect to the servers to get the target devices profiles With the XML-based Language (TCML) the App in smartphone would parser the file via parser we programmed and change them to control panel The App also has list to manage them dynamically Through features that are getting data precisely and easy to change in the App we could establish an easy-used control platform for user With the NTCP and open TCML developers or vendors can upload the TCML compatible control profiles for users to download Through the App user can control devices easily and manage the panel and device list expediently Also it is cost saving and has concept for persistence operation
獎項日期2014 9月 9
監督員Wei-Hsun Lee (Supervisor)