Design and Implementation of Bidirectional DC-DC CLLLC Resonant Converter

論文翻譯標題: 雙向直流CLLLC諧振轉換器之設計與研製
  • 張 皓棠

學生論文: Master's Thesis


An isolated bidirectional resonant converter with digital control for the energy transferring between the DC bus and the battery of the electric vehicle is designed and implemented in this thesis The main circuit topology consists of full-bridge structures and a CLLLC resonant tank Due to the symmetrical circuit characteristics of bidirectional power flow the circuit control can be simplified This converter can also achieve soft switching for reducing the switching loss to further improve the system efficiency In this thesis the operating principles of the bidirectional resonant converter are analyzed first and the steady-state equivalent models and the voltage-gain curves are also derived Moreover the design criteria of the key parameters are discussed Finally a laboratory prototype with rated power 5 kW DC bus voltage 400 V and battery voltage 200~410 V is implemented with the DSP TMS320F28035 for energy conversion control to validate the theoretical analysis The maximum conversion efficiency in the charging stage is 96 9% and the maximum conversion efficiency in the discharging stage is 97 2%
獎項日期2017 八月 29
監督員Tsorng-Juu Liang (Supervisor)