Design and Implementation of Hierarchical Formation Control for Multiple Mobile Robots in Indoor Environment

論文翻譯標題: 室內環境多移動機器人階層式隊形控制之設計與實現
  • 許 媛婷

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In recent years the research of mobile robot is highly valued and investigated due to its high mobility By equipping navigation technology the mobile robot is able to recognize the position and move freely Afterwards multi-robot system has flourished rapidly because of the high efficiency caused by extensive distribution Each robot takes charge of a different region so it takes less time to finish one job than relying on merely one robot The multi-robot system has also become feasible to be utilized in specific tasks through the wireless technology The main purpose of the system which is built up in this thesis is to make multiple mobile robots maintain specific hierarchical formation to the destination and verify different formations to avoid obstacles Therefore this thesis follows the leader-following approach to achieve the desired formation However during implementing the leader-following controller there are many problems such as how to attain the relationship among the robots and share information immediately Thus this thesis integrates Lighthouse Location Method WIFI’s RSSI fingerprinting positioning method and wireless communication technology to design and implement the hierarchical formation control system for multiple mobile robots in indoor environment Then the simulation results and hardware implementation are provided to verify the effectiveness of our design
獎項日期2014 七月 25
監督員Teh-Lu Liao (Supervisor)