Design and Simulation of a Counterdiabatic Directional Coupler based on SOI

論文翻譯標題: 絕緣層覆矽超絕熱方向耦合器之設計與模擬
  • 邱 英峰

學生論文: Master's Thesis


This thesis is devoted to the theoretical investigation and numerical simulations of a counterdiabatic directional coupler based on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) We begin by introducing the theory of coupled-waveguide system and the quantum?optical analogies between weakly-coupled waveguide structure and two-level system driven by near-resonant laser light By means of the analogies the counterdiabatic protocol is introduced into coupled-waveguide system to cancel the nonadiabatic coupling between adiabatic modes and achieve high-fidelity power coupling even when the device length is too short to satisfy the adiabatic condition The device length can hence be shorten We emphasize the applicability of the counterdiabatic protocol to the SOI material system the high-index contrast of SOI also allows devices to be more compact The simulation results agree with the theoretical predictions and show that the counterdiabatic coupler has the desired broadband characteristics at a short device length
獎項日期2014 7月 17
監督員Shuo-Yen Tseng (Supervisor)