Design of a Runtime Adaptive Storage Lending Mechanism on Virtual Solid-State Drive

論文翻譯標題: 虛擬固態硬碟上動態自適應儲存空間借取機制之設計
  • 湯 峪睿

學生論文: Master's Thesis


With different storage technologies are developed solid state drive is already the highly anticipated storage devices and solid state drives are the product posed by the flash memory not only has a high shock resistance but also has high performance With hardware costs by getting low are becoming increasingly high popularity many studies on the solid state drive is also increasing The idea about the solid state drive appearing as a virtual storage device now is more and more although the SSD write performance is very excellent but the flash memory will trigger garbage collection action when space is lower than some threshold If there are multiple user applications run at SSD there will be cases of interference user behavior by other users in this way it will not achieve the performance isolation characteristics under a separate virtual storage device The emergence of VSSD reached the performance isolation the space used by the user is independent each block belongs to one user and the space could not be shared to other user Moreover when the garbage collection is triggered the system picks a victim block to free up space from its own space However in order to achieve the performance isolation the space could not be shared between users then result in a scenario of lower space utilization This paper is based on VSSD structure that can achieve efficient space utilization Dynamically detect space condition of used for each user and by the mechanism of lend and return of space to achieve performance improvement and maintain the performance isolation
獎項日期2014 11月 24
監督員Da-Wei Chang (Supervisor)