Determinant Factors Influencing High Sodium-Food Intake among Patients with Hypertension in Indonesia

論文翻譯標題: 印尼高血壓病人攝取高鈉飲食之決定因子
  • 康 威納

學生論文: Master's Thesis


PURPOSE: To identify determinant factors influencing high sodium-food intake (HSFI) among patients with hypertension in Indonesia METHODS: A correlational study was applied in cardiac outpatient clinics from two acute care hospitals in Indonesia Participants were recruited using convenience sampling with inclusion criteria as adult patients who had diagnosed hypertension and were able to understand written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia High Sodium–Food Inventory Indonesian version (HSFI-I) recorded HSFI Dietary Sodium Restriction Questionnaire (DSRQ) was employed to measure attitude subjective norm and perceived behavioral control as behavioral beliefs influencing HSFI During waiting clinic appointment patients were invited to fill in questionnaires Data were analyzed using SAS version 9 4 Quantile regression was applied to identify the determinant factors influencing HSFI RESULTS: Total of 206 participants with mean age of 59 years (SD = 10) male majority (54 4%) and 78 2% having central obesity were assessed in cardiac clinics The mean score of reported high sodium-food intake was 6 3 (SD = 3 2) and median of 6 High sodium snacks and adding condiments while cooking showed most frequent consumed Regression model indicated that attitude (β = – 131 95% CI – 217 to – 009 p = 005) subjective norm (β = – 275 95% CI – 456 to – 009 p = 037) and perceived behavior control (β = 113 95% CI 018 to 242 p = 028) were significant predictors of high sodium-food intake Attitude and subjective norm showed facilitators while perceived behavioral control indicator barrier of sodium restriction CONCLUSIONS Determinant factors of HSFI among patients with hypertension were attitude subjective norm and perceived behavior control Nurses should consider not only facilitator factor but also barrier of sodium restriction to help patients restrict their sodium diet
獎項日期2016 7月 15
監督員Miao-Fen Yen (Supervisor)