Development of Open Architecture for Virtual Machine Tool with Application to Improvement of Arc and Corner Errors

論文翻譯標題: 虛擬工具機之開放式建構及在圓弧與轉角誤差改善之應用
  • 吳 長銘

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Most commercial software for machining verification such as Vericut and UG NX requires a computer numerical control (CNC) controller simulator to generate motion commands for machining simulation However making a controller simulator takes a lot of work and this approach can lead to inaccurate machining simulation Therefore in this research an open virtual machine tool system is developed which can access the tool path data from a CNC controller via network communication and apply these data to simulate machining The proposed method can be applied to various types of controller and only requires making a connector lowering the cost of making a controller simulator Because the motion commands are from a real controller there is no error in the motion commands in the simulation increasing accuracy In addition the open architecture virtual machine tool is extendible Users can access the information of existing modules and design new application modules This research also modifies the feedrate to reduce contour error due to acceleration and deceleration control after interpolation (ADCAI) The proposed method analyzes the tool path data from the controller and finds arc and corner errors It then calculates the appropriate feedrate for reducing the errors to the target All required data can be accessed from the controller Finally a shoe mold machining process and a wheel rim machining process are taken as case studies to test the performance of the proposed virtual machine tool The simulation results are compared with the results obtained using a controller simulator A phone case machining process is used to test the improvement The results with and without improvement are compared
獎項日期2015 6月 16
監督員Rong-Shean Lee (Supervisor)