Educational Needs Among Family Caregivers of Patients with Heart Failure in Indonesia

論文翻譯標題: 印尼心臟衰竭病人之家屬照顧者的衛教需求
  • 藍 佳茹

學生論文: Master's Thesis


ABSTRACT Purpose: To investigate the associated factors of educational needs among family caregivers of patients with heart failure in Indonesia Methods: This study used a cross-sectional correlational design with a convenience sampling technique A structured questionnaire was used to gather the data Descriptive statistic parametric tests and multiple regression analysis were employed to analyze the data Results: We enrolled 219 of family caregivers with mean age 48 years old with an average 40 months of caregiving duration majority were female (65 8%) 30 6% graduated from senior high school 57 1% were employed 70 3% were spouse and 92 3% living in the same house with the patient Bivariate analysis indicated that both age of family caregivers and patients gender of family caregivers both educational level of family caregivers and patients living status duration of caregiving coronary artery disease and duration of illness significantly associated with educational needs of family caregivers They were entered into the multiple regression model Only 4 of the variables were important determinants of educational needs in family caregivers: they were educational level of family caregivers (? = 0 20 95% CI = 1 63 to 7 66) duration of illness (? = -0 21 95% CI = -0 09 to -0 02) age of family caregivers (? = 0 14 95% CI = 0 01 to 0 23) and living status (? = -0 14 95% CI = -10 04 to -0 30) explaining 10 7% of the variance in educational needs Conclusion: Educational level of family caregivers duration of illness age of family caregivers and living status were statistically significant as important factors influencing the educational needs of family caregivers Findings from this study can be used as references to guide clinical practice nursing research and nursing education Keywords: Educational Needs Family Caregivers; Heart Failure
獎項日期2017 二月 14
監督員Hsing-Mei Chen (Supervisor)