Effecting Factors of Cardless Technology Adoption: Comparing Commercial Bank and Non-Commercial Bank mobile payment User

  • 林 海峰

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Coming of Technology age many business sectors implement different innovation to support their business and service to fulfill changing in behavior of their customers as well as financial cluster where mobile phones become an essential part for banks and customers for many interactions Cardless technology is one of the latest innovations which allows users to withdraw cash from ATM without requiring traditional ATM card with expecting this could enhance and create new channel to users to interact and manage transaction on mobile banking application Aim of this study is to define those factors which could affect customers in terms of adoption behavior by comparing two groups of mobile payment users commercial bank mobile payment users and non-commercial mobile payment users-Fintech Mixed method-qualitative study and quantitative are employed in this study to define factors which could influence customers where qualitative is interviewing based on grounded theory and quantitative is survey
獎項日期2018 7月 20
監督員Jeng-Chung Chen (Supervisor)