Energy-saving potential of building envelope designs in residential houses in Indonesia

論文翻譯標題: 印尼當地住宅建築外殼節能設計
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學生論文: Master's Thesis


Indonesia as an emerging country and one of the most populous country requires a sufficient supply with energy for national development The demand for energy in Indonesia is increasing very fast while the energy supply is going short In facing this increasing energy consumption some studies have proposed energy-saving measures; building envelope design is considered one of the typical energy-saving techniques A significant goal in achieving greener buildings is learning how to reduce a building’s energy consumption by applying an efficient energy-saving design This study used eQUEST software to analyze envelope design on energy saving of air conditioner (AC) and the effects of energy saving strategies on AC electric consumption of different orientation buildings in Indonesia which included types of roof construction categories of glazing and kinds of shading system The results indicate that the shading system has the most significant impact on the building's overall energy consumption followed by the use of an appropriate window glass whereas the roof construction produced less energy-efficient benefits
獎項日期2014 六月 18
監督員Chi-ming Lai (Supervisor)