Evaluating the Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policy on the International Shipping Industry

論文翻譯標題: 溫室氣體減排政策對國際海運產業的影響評估
  • 王 志敏

學生論文: Doctoral Thesis


This study sought to determine the effectiveness of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as a means to curb air pollution produced by shipping and reveal the impact of such environmental policies on shipping costs We examined market-based policies associated with the maritime emissions trading scheme (METS) as well as carbon tax and green port policy (including emissions control areas reduced speed zones and alternative maritime power) Our results are as follows First the unit emission (kilogram-miles per ton) of container ships is higher than that of bulk carriers and tankers Second policies aimed at reducing GHGs increase shipping costs and only fast vessels actually benefit from a reduction in speeds Third green port policies are more effective than carbon tax and METS with regard to reducing emissions We also determined that implementing GHG reduction at a global level provides a strong incentive for ship owners to take affirmative action to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions Carbon tax appears preferable to METS due to its provision of price certainty through established rates of taxation We believe that the shipping industry would respond more favorably to a carbon tax on fuel rather than emissions cap-and-trade schemes which hinder the development of international sea transport services and the expansion of fleets Moreover green port policies reduce the emissions of ships in coastal areas and should therefore be pursued by regional and local governments as a first step in the formulation of strategies to ensure the sustainability of international shipping
獎項日期2014 十一月 24
監督員Ching-Chih Chang (Supervisor)