Evaluation for Attractiveness of Animated Page Transitions on Smartphones

論文翻譯標題: 智慧型手機翻頁過場動畫之魅力評價
  • 余 至軒

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Nowadays advances in technology have made smartphones equipped with high performance chips and high resolution displays The overloaded data displays are increasingly complex in user interface and exceed human perceptual capacity to efficiently interpret them Consequently animated transitions in user interface play a fundamental role of supporting the user in integrating and relating information across displays and representations In fact judiciously applying animated transitions can make the user interface easier to understand feel smoother more natural and be more appealing In general animated page transitions are frequently and broadly applied in reader applications on smartphones because the screen size of smartphones is limited so that users have to frequently switch different contents and categories between screens In this way the form of animated page transitions crucially affects the reading experience and helps to create the uniqueness and appealing of reader applications This paper describes how the constituent elements of animated page transitions affect user emotions and clarifies the relationships between different types of page transitions and users reactions The aim of this paper is to build an interface design principle of animated page transitions on smartphone for helping mobile application developers to select the suitable page transitions according to user emotions This study applied Evaluation Grid Method and Quantification theory type I based on Miryoku engineering to figure out the attractiveness of various types of animated page transitions We summarize five dimensions of attractiveness of animated page transitions which include “User Control” “Fluency” “Spatial Extension” “Reading Satisfaction” and “Natural and Intuitive” The results show that animated page transitions on smartphones have the strong relation with user gestures visual movement and the logicality of how information appears on the screen
獎項日期2014 8月 29
監督員Chun-Heng Ho (Supervisor)