Evaluation of Wake Effect on Wind Farm Contribution to Grid Frequency

論文翻譯標題: 考慮尾流效應之風場調頻控制效益評估
  • 菲 卡徠

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Wind power is one of the most rapidly developing renewable energy around the world Due to the high penetration of wind large-scale wind farms in the power system could impact current operating strategy and frequency stability Similar to the control of conventional power plant set-point control of the wind farm gives an opportunity for the system operator to engage wind farms in active power dispatch Taking a step further scheduling wind power for some periods ahead can make wind turbines be more capable of supporting grid frequency Due to the wind variability employment of set-point control highly relies on the maximum wind power estimate from forecast data However neglecting wake effect of the wind power estimate could lead to overestimation of maximum power which in turn affects the efficacy of set-point control and miscalculates the wind reserve margin to support system frequency Starting from the wind forecast data this thesis illustrates how the wake effect is applied to correct the wind power estimate The adjusted wind power forecast is used as a reserve margin reference for set-point control Following that the influences of the wake effect on active power control are demonstrated under normal and contingency conditions Simulation tests conclude the effectiveness of accurate wind power estimation in a realization of set-point control and its contribution to grid frequency
獎項日期2016 8月 18
監督員Le-Ren Chang-Chien (Supervisor)