Examining corporate social responsibility as a driver of organizational attractiveness for millennial job seekers

  • 米 謝

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The current workplace is a rapidly changing environment due in part to the influx of workers from the newest generation known as millennials Millennials bring new skills and values to workplaces and management are tasked with creating workspaces where intergenerational interactions are efficient and effective The present study looks at focusing communication efforts on corporate social responsibility and employee culture at potential job seekers in this generation with guiding principles behind Signal Theory An experiment was conducted among millennial job seekers from Asia and North America using a fictional website with manipulated information on corporate social responsibility and employee culture One hundred and forty-five participants between the ages of 19 and 35 were enrolled for this study Respondents were then asked to rate the organizational attraction through an online questionnaire ANOVA and regression analysis were employed to analyze the relationship between CSR employee culture person organization fit and organizational attraction The results of the study confirm that communicating corporate social responsibility information and employee culture have a positive influence on the attraction to the organization for millennials
獎項日期2016 8月 30
監督員Chieh-Wen Hsu (Supervisor)