Examining the Networks of Online Publishing Platform: From Perspective of Prosumer Participation in Original Content Production

論文翻譯標題: 探討線上出版平台之網絡:以生產型消費者參與原生內容產製為觀點
  • 陳 慧瑄

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Because digital devices and internet access are now mainstream there is a tendency for once passive consumers to become proactive ‘prosumers’ a combination of producer and consumer referring to those who create goods services or experiences for their own use or satisfaction Online publishing platforms which have evolved from self-publishing activities fall into this trend where self-motivated amateur prosumers including both writers and readers are offered opportunities to proactively participate in publishing industry content production from its inception Based on above this research is aimed at (1) mapping the current digital trends in the publishing industry (2) examining the characteristics of participation behavior in original content production on online publishing platforms and (3) highlighting the networks of the original content production process in online publishing The qualitative data was collected from a case study of POPO an online publishing platform based in Taiwan and in-depth interviews with prosumers (i e the online writers) The results discovered that although the original content production still primarily required the input of time and effort on the part of individual writers the networks formed on the online publishing platform may allow the writer to collect ideas from the readers or receive emotional support like confidence and a sense of accomplishment The sense of togetherness may sustain willingness for long-term participation in the original content production Therefore the research suggested the diversity of the participants and the interactivity of the networks as two key factors that may stimulate autonomous participation in an online publishing platform which might in turn support the sustainability of the original efforts toward production of content
獎項日期2016 二月 3
監督員Hsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)