Extension Study of the Ambidexterity Theory of Leadership for Innovation at the Individual Employee Level

  • 利 亞姆

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The ability for a business to successfully innovate in order to keep up with and outpace the competition in a rapidly changing environment is widely regards as one of the most crucial success factors Despite this importance however innovation still remains as a difficult concept to understand; even with a plethora of academic research focused on its understanding One aspect of this focus on understanding innovation is the link between it and leadership This paper seeks to explore the nascent ambidexterity theory of leadership for innovation This newly emerged theory evolved out of the inconsistency found in the relationship between leadership and innovation with popular extant theories Specifically this research may provide further validation of the theory at the individual level and thus contribute to its development Additionally other possible moderating factors are analyzed in order to further expand upon the theory Ultimately it is hoped that this will help lead to a better understanding of businesses may successfully innovate and thrive in the modern volatility-filled markets
獎項日期2016 2月 15
監督員Hsi-An Shih (Supervisor)