Facilitating Exploratory Web Search by Recognizing Cross-Session Tasks

論文翻譯標題: 辨識跨期程任務以協助探索式網頁搜尋
  • 林 弘緯

學生論文: Master's Thesis


With the widespread of Internet a massive amount of information is explosively accumulated in digital form today It is almost impossible for users to review all of the information in details for satisfying their search intent Such a problem of data overloading is then alleviated by search engines and the mechanism of keyword search However information seekers may still need much time to find out the useful information when they face unfamiliar topics Specifically much time can be spent on reformulating query terms and digesting the knowledge from search results Such an information seeking process is called exploratory search that constitutes a large portion of web search activities In addition search tasks within the exploratory search process are usually cross-sessional discontinuous and full of noises Therefore how to automatically recognize such exploratory search processes and reuse them is a crucial issue In this work we thus propose a prototype system to collect and reuse the corresponding information so as to facilitate the search process Specifically our system firstly distinguishes the search intent when a user starts his/her initial web search and when he/she reads the search results To further help a user when he/she is starting an exploratory search possible query terms are provided for him/her to conduct more search sessions whereas similar search patterns from other users are shown as a reference Moreover we devise improved user interfaces so that users can easily review their personal searching activities Finally we have several volunteer participants joining the experimental studies to test our prototype system The time that participants spend on different topics when using our system and Google search engine is recorded Experimental results show that our prototype system do help users to accomplish their exploratory search in a more efficient way
獎項日期2015 九月 1
監督員Wei-Guang Teng (Supervisor)