Factors That Influence People’s Intention to Start a Tech Startup: The Study in Thailand

  • 李 平

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Recently Thai government has just announced a new national policy suggesting that technology startups will become a new economic growth engine for the country and as a result the government plan to subsidize those that desire to launch a tech startup This present research investigates factors that affect people’s intention to launch a tech startup Survey questionnaires were utilized to collect data from a sample of 212 from Thailand by using online method and examine the relationship between risk perception and an attitude toward launching a tech company having a self-employed parent and perceived behavior control of forming a tech business as well as an attitude toward forming a tech company subjective norm perceived behavior control and an intention to launch a technology business Structural Equation Model was applied to investigate the relationships The results demonstrate that risk perception has a negative impact on people’s attitude toward launching a tech startup In addition growing up having at least a self-employed parent positively affects people’s perceived behavioral control of establishing a startup Moreover possessing perceived behavioral control subjective norm open-to-experience attitude and being conscientious all have a positive relationship with starting a tech startup intention while the former do not affect people’s attitude toward starting a tech startup intention Besides there does not exist effects of both taking an entrepreneurship program and the effects of demographic variables The conclusion is that except for the relationship among an attitude toward launching a tech company and an intention to establish a tech business all of the other hypotheses are supported The present research based on the sample of Thailand contributes to our understanding of whether the theory of planned behavior and two personality factors -- conscientiousness and openness to experience -- the extent to which it can be applied to the context of a technology business launching intention
獎項日期2016 8月 24
監督員Chieh-Wen Hsu (Supervisor)