Finite Element Analysis and Load Test for a Full-scale Steel Building in Fire Test

論文翻譯標題: 實尺寸鋼構屋受火害載重試驗之有限元素分析
  • 黃 崇睿

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The impact of fire on buildings is an important issue However most of the fire tests are conducted in the laboratory rarely using the full-scale structure to test The structure of this experimental study is the full-scale steel building in Cheng Kung University Quy Nhon campus The main purpose of the experiment is to measure the structure conducting static loading and unloading around the fire test There are two parts of record in the experiment the first part is using strain gauges to record the strain at specific positions of beams and columns and the second part is using the LVDT to record the subsidence displacement of the upper floor In this paper we use the ABAQUS structure model established by Professor Chung Hsin-Yang’s group and use the infinite element analysis program to mesh the interface of each part then simulate the strain and the displacement of the structure in static loading around the fire test Finally use the experimental data to compare and discuss with the program Due to the experiment was conducted by three students so the experimental section will take the same data and process the analysis section will be discussed separately
獎項日期2017 7月 20
監督員Shen-Haw Ju (Supervisor)