Flexural Wave Propagation in a Metamaterial Beam with Membrane-Mass Structures

論文翻譯標題: 內含薄膜型超穎材料之結構樑波傳行為
  • 黃 怡君

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The studies on vibration reduction with metamaterials have been presented in many journals In this thesis we studied the wave propagation of a frame-like host beam with membrane-mass structures which can be used as local resonators The band gap location of the metamaterial beam can be determined by the local resonant frequency of the membrane-type resonator By altering the membrane tension the mass magnitude and the mass location the local resonance frequency of the membrane-mass structure can be easily tuned The finite element software (COMSOL Multiphysics) is used to simulate the propagation behavior of the metamaterial beam Multiple kinds of resonators are also used for widening the band gap width
獎項日期2016 8月 23
監督員Jung-San Chen (Supervisor)