Forming a Team of Cost-effective and Well-collaborated Experts in Social Networks Based on Hierarchical Skill Model

論文翻譯標題: 社群網路中基於階層式能力模型之最佳化溝通及人力成本的組隊問題
  • 劉 發元

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Social network-based team formation problem has been widely studied from different aspects However many of the previous studies only consider few factors while forming a team The skills in earlier works were treated equally where assigning experts possess alternative skills for a required skill is not allowed To better fit real word scenarios our work considers more factors including the most important two: communication cost and personnel cost We propose a novel hierarchical skill model to let skills interchangeable We also develop a two-step optimization framework under previous settings to deal with the trade-off between communication cost and personnel cost It lets users could form a team based on their desired budget on one of the costs Finally the experiments show that our proposed framework and skill model is reasonable and have better performance than earlier works
獎項日期2017 9月 11
監督員Jen-Wei Huang (Supervisor)