From the Perspective of Life Culture on Historical Regions to Examine Public and Private Partnerships – Cases of Public and Private Partnerships in Anping

論文翻譯標題: 以生活文化觀點檢視歷史區之公私部門協力合作-以安平港歷史風貌園區之公私合作為例
  • 李 怡璇

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Public-private partnership (PPP) has been one of the strategic tools for governments and policy makers around the world for city regeneration and city revitalizations It is a way for public sectors to provide better public services and at the same time could lead to many advantages like cutting down public budget costs and allocating risks among others Drawing on previous research on PPP we found out that the current processes for PPP projects are conducted mainly between the public and the private sectors only neglecting considerations of the surrounding environments and community life right next to collaborative projects (heritage reuse operation or historical region management projects for example) Moreover the planning and design of the PPP projects are mostly economically-oriented and tourism-oriented thus losing the meaning and value of “publicness ” inferring that provided services should cater not only tourists but also to residents In this study we argue that the purpose of PPPs is not only to provide better services or to conduct city renovations but on the other hand PPPs should also achieve the function of “publicness ” since city issues such as regeneration and revitalization are also citizen-related issues To this end in this study we examine heritage reuse and historical region renovation PPP projects from the perspectives of resident life culture and the publicness of heritages with the goal of constructing a model that reconstructs and continues the life culture of residents We fill the gap in which a consideration of the role of community members is missing in order to suggest to policy makers ways of developing more comprehensive PPPs that are dedicated to the area of public affairs We explored this idea using three cases which include the Sio-House the Anping Tree House and the Anping Old Street in the Anping harbor historical and cultural park region as our case studies using experiences related to these three heritage and regional renovation and operational examples We adopted Community Action Research to analyze the current situations and to determine how the community members are treated We conducted in-depth interviews and literature reviews to analyze the partnership issues and hope to bring up an innovative perspective on this issue aiming toward contributing to the comprehensiveness of PPPs We interview four residents and five public-private partners as well as two experts in order to explore and analyze possible future tactics and also to come up with suggestions for developing a new PPP model The research findings indicated that there are lack of capabilities on public private and also community members to interact with each other to confront with life culture impacts and issues to the local community and to find the roles of residents in the PPP processes over the heritage and regional renovation projects The implications of application and future research for a residence-based PPP are discussed
獎項日期2014 9月 10
監督員Shyh-Nan Liou (Supervisor)