Generation Me Trait and Consumer Socialization Process on Content Sharing in SNSs: Social Comparison and Anticipated Emotions as Moderators

論文翻譯標題: Me 世代性格特徵對消費者社會化程序與網路社群內容分享: 以社會比較與預期情緒為干擾變數
  • 沈 翊安

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Generation Me are people with traits such as high self-worth evaluation lower need for social approval externality of control and neuroticism These traits make Generation Me consumers more self-centered less likely to agree and share contents other people shared However Generation Me is the most active users of social networking sites and content sharers Therefore why Generation Me consumers are willing to share contents received through social networking sites is the major issue of this study The study adopts consumer socialization theory as research basis to examine whether traits of Generation Me will be weaken by the influences from consumer socialization process thus more willing to share digital contents posted The current study also hypothesizes that social comparison and anticipated emotions moderates content sharing behavior of Generation Me By using internet-base questionnaire 401 valid online questionnaires were collected and analyzed with SEM and Competing Model The results suggest Generation Me traits are valid antecedents of consumer socialization theory it has influences on social influences social influences have significant effects on attitudes and attitudes have direct effects on content sharing behavior The moderators social comparison and anticipated emotion are both proven to have moderating power on consumer socialization process This study suggests even though Generation Me demonstrate individualized characteristics they are still influenced by the process of consumer socialization
獎項日期2014 7月 22
監督員Hsin-Hsin Chang (Supervisor)