Hierarchical Region-Based Curve Tracking Control for Mobile Robot Networks

論文翻譯標題: 階層式多移動機器人系統基於區域之曲線追蹤控制
  • 白 里悉

學生論文: Master's Thesis


This paper presents a leader-follower methodology for a group of robots to converge and track a two-dimensional curve defined by using implicit function A control law is presented for the leader robot which has the knowledge of the curve function so that the leader robot can converge to and circulate along the curve Moreover a group of follower robots is controlled by using a potential function to track the given curve by surrounding the leader robot The stability and converge of the mobile robot network with the addressed control algorithms are studied in this paper Simulation results with a group of five and ten follower robots are introduced to validate the development control system Experimental results with omnidirectional mobile robots are also presented
獎項日期2014 九月 12
監督員Yen-Chen Liu (Supervisor)