How does storytelling awaken the public to social enterprises

論文翻譯標題: 運用故事行銷喚起大眾關注社會企業
  • 林 宛姿

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The main focus of storytelling in marketing is to tug at the heartstrings of the audience Enterprises use storytelling to convey ideas and values which are not intended to promote their businesses and the functions or the values of their products or services to changing the world through business They work finding a new services or approaches to social enterprises by improving for example the environment shaping markets for the better focusing on the poorest people on the planet and innovating In the 21st century social enterprises have become a growing sector of activity in Europe and America It also is a start-up wave in Asia However social enterprises face challenges when the public are unfamiliar with their social purposes More challenging is that people sometimes labeling social enterprise as using public empathy to make profits To this end using storytelling may contribute to effective communication with the public Storytelling is the most effective way to break down resistance Therefore the goal of this research is to analyze how storytelling marketing works in the area of social marketing and to explore how to construct storytelling that well conveys the values and promotion of social enterprises To this end this research method is developed based on reviews of relevant storytelling data We have determined how to tell the value-laid story for a business and develop principles of storytelling to have a touching story for promotion social enterprise With literature reviewed we identified crucial importance of the components of storytelling for social enterprises Next we conducted comprehensive and thorough surveys with interviewees have also to validate the identified components and build deeper understanding from audience and stakeholders’ experiences The in-depth interviews also have narrowed down the research of the main focus of the research development on social enterprises In addition different viewpoints relating to audiences’ opinions of social enterprises are obtained Further based on the findings we avoided circular reasoning and took Taiwanese social enterprises as examples with which to compare and examine the results Three major findings are identified: (1) a convincing social enterprise’s story must be true Unforgettable stories create sense of existing events and the details allow deep feelings Touching stories are not deliberately fabricated in order to catch the eye of the public; (2) people care more about social enterprises that actually bring change Therefore actual data play a substantial role in helping the public understand social and environmental aims of social enterprises; (3) storytelling is a continuous communication between the audiences and the social enterprises Social enterprises are powerful business growth sectors They need adequate time to communicate with the public that their social purpose can deliver impactful social change Regarding that storytelling is like a bridge that connects the public and social enterprises it is a way to move the entire population These findings indicate that storytelling can be used most effectively by social enterprises to convey their social purposes In addition storytelling is a method by which social enterprises can build a connection between themselves and their audience It not only helps people understand their aims but also leads to a belief that social enterprises can make the greatest changes in society Finally this research provides an extensive reference guideline Based on this guideline social enterprises can develop their storytelling strategies and better communicate with their audiences Thereby people will better known social enterprises and get much further by actively participating toward their objectives
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監督員Shyh-Nan Liou (Supervisor)